Mr. Fashionational Thailand 2017

Phiratthaphong Mooltribut will be representing Thailand in the debut edition of Mister Fashionational 2017 to be held in Karachi, Pakistan in September, 2017. Pakistan is considered the land of silk route. Phiratthaphong is 31 years old and stands at 6 ft. tall.

He is a professional model and his hobbies include body building, and playing soccer. His ambition is to become an international supermodel.




About the host city:

Karachi‬ boasts of beautiful beaches and waterfronts. While Clifton beach, French beach and the Russian beach are often visited by tourists, Port Grand, an extensive food street and entertainment complex located at Port of Karachi near Native Jetty Bridge has different restaurants on one side and views of Karachi Harbour on the other side. It also has a shopping mall, art galleries and a tavern area. The delegates of Mister Fashionational be enjoying some of the coastal sights of Karachi.


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